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NYC Eatery Hygiene Grade Pending by Mike Licht, via flickr

Baltimore restaurant owners may soon have to brush up on the A, B and Cs of health department inspections, if City Councilman Brandon Scott’s bill makes it to the mayor’s desk.

John Lee / WYPR

Maryland farmers are worried about regulations in the works at the state Department of Agriculture.

Thanet Wind Farm in the English Channel, London to Italy Flight, 24/07/2012 taken by DG Jones via flickr

Energy company US Wind Inc, a subsidiary of the Italian company Renexia, won Tuesday's auction to develop wind farms on federal waters ten nautical miles off the coast of Ocean City.

Hans Hillewaert via Wikimedia Commons

The federal government holds an auction Tuesday for two leases to develop wind farms in federal waters off Ocean City.

Uber/company art

The Maryland Public Service Commission has ruled that two services offered by the ride sharing app-based company Uber are subject to state regulation. At the same time it ordered commission staff to draft new rules for non-taxicab, for-hire companies.

Bret Jaspers / WYPR

The developer of the 25th Street Station project in Remington announced Tuesday that it was done pursuing the development.

Maureen Harvie/WYPR

Changes to Maryland's medical marijuana program are expected to set off a “green rush” of entrepreneurs eager to get in on the action.

Foodies Flock to Fells Point

Apr 28, 2014
Maureen Harvie / WYPR

Feeling peckish?

This past weekend, Fells Point was home to The Emporiyum, a festival for restaurants, gourmet food vendors, and breweries across the country.

About half of the vendors hailed from Baltimore, including Hex Ferments, Waxing Kara, and Fleet Street Kitchen.

Christopher Connelly / WYPR

Today the federal government announced March jobs numbers for states and localities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that Maryland added 2,3oo jobs in March, and that February’s reported loss of 600 jobs was revised to a 1,000 job gain. Both months helped to make up for the 6,100 jobs lost in January.

Jean-jacques QUEYRIE via flickr

In a tidy combination business office, used car lot and detailing center, Vehicles for Change offers a simple solution to poverty and the financial struggle.