Board of Elections

Baltimore's election mess

May 18, 2016


Fraser Smith and Luke Broadwater, of the Baltimore Sun, take up the state Board of Elections' review of the city's primary results.

State board de-certifies mayoral primary

May 12, 2016
John Lee

The day after former Mayor Sheila Dixon announced she wouldn’t seek a recount in Baltimore’s Democratic mayoral primary, the state Board of Elections de-certified those results and began a review. 

City elections not over yet. We think.

May 4, 2016


Fraser Smith and John Lee, of the WYPR news team, discuss challenges to the results of last week's election.

John Lee

The race for the city’s 12th Council District is close. Robert Stokes Senior has a lead of about 350 votes over Kelly Cross. And Cross says in one of the precincts in the district, the thumb drive that had the tallied votes went missing for a day. 

John Lee / WYPR

Remember the touch screen voting in past years? Well, forget about it. When you vote this time around, you’ll be marking a paper ballot, filling in ovals next to the candidates of your choice.

Consider it a trip down memory lane when you took those standardized tests with number two pencils.