Black Guerilla Family

Indictments Announced For BGF Members and Associates

Nov 8, 2013
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Baltimore City State’s Attorney Greg Bernstein announced Thursday the indictments of 48 members and associates of a subset of the Black Guerilla Family gang on murder and gang related charges.

State Lawmakers Tour Baltimore Jail

Jul 25, 2013
Mary Rose Madden / WYPR

State lawmakers toured Baltimore’s decrepit jail today and said its condition was even worse than they imagined.

Legislature To Launch Prison Probe

Jun 5, 2013
Mary Rose Madden / WYPR

Six weeks after federal indictments of 13 Baltimore jail guards exposed a widespread web of corruption legislative leaders are expected to appoint tomorrow a special committee to investigate possible prison reforms. The announcement of a prison probe panel comes after at least two false starts when House and Senate committees announced their own individual hearings, then canceled them.

Environment of Fear Hampers Jail Investigation

May 3, 2013
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Archer Blackwell, the union representative for corrections officers at BCDC, said that he’s heard it repeatedly from his members: they don’t know who to trust, and they don’t know who to tell what they do know. "God knows who’s got my back now," he said he hears from the officers. "It’s a mess now – it really is.  The department hasn’t done a very good job in terms of what happens to those types of people – the good people."

Will Jail Scandal Kill Corrections Reform?

May 1, 2013

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Ian Duncan of the Baltimore Sun break down the timeline of the Baltimore City Detention Center investigation and talk about the future chances for prison reform.


Today, Governor O’Malley spoke to reporters for the first time about the federal indictment of 12 inmates and 13 prison guards at the Baltimore City Detention Center. Last week, the FBI announced the findings of an investigation that alleges that members of the Black Guerilla Family smuggled contraband, including drugs and cell-phones, into the jail with the help of guards.

Here’s Michael Dresser in the Baltimore Sun:

O'Malley called Maynard "one of the best public safety secretaries in the entire nation" and gave him much of the credit for setting the investigation in motion by alerting federal authorities 18 months ago.

As the corruption investigation at the Baltimore City Detention Center continues, some officers at the jail are being ordered to take lie detector tests, and others are facing "integrity reviews." We've got the latest on the case, including a conversation with US Attorney Rod Rosenstein, who led the investigation. Plus: the 2014 Governor's race is shaping up; Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown and Howard County Executive Ken Ulman are reportedly in talks to run on the same ticket... and a weekend straw poll puts Brown in first place in the race for the Democratic nomination, followed by Montgomery County Delegate Heather Mizeur. Also: plans for Baltimore's pension fund, a death penalty repeal is likely to signed into law this week, a referendum effort is underway on Maryland's new gun control legislation, and the latest news on MD's casino gambling program.

US Attorney Rod Rosenstein On Baltimore Prison Corruption

Apr 29, 2013
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Baltimore made national news last week when federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment charging that the inmates were running the city Detention Center. According to the indictment, the Black Guerrilla Family gang ran a smuggling operation that dealt in marijuana, prescription pills and cell phones with the help of correctional officers, four of whom were impregnated by the ring leader, Tavon White. WYPR’s Mary Rose Madden caught up with U-S Attorney Rod Rosenstein who led the investigation.

The Black Guerilla Family—or BGF—has been on Rod Rosenstein’s radar for years.

Timeline: Recent Black Guerilla Family federal indictments

Apr 25, 2013

The indictments unsealed Tuesday alleging widespread gang operations aided by corrupt corrections officials in Maryland prisons is the latest in a series of such cases that stretch back at least ten years. 

The charges followed a familiar pattern: the female correctional officers smuggled cell phones to gang members, who used them to place orders for marijuana, drugs and other contraband with gang members on the outside. The correctional officers then smuggled the Xanax, Percocet and other drugs into the prison for sale. Money flowed in and out of the prison by the use of pre-paid debit cards, known as green dot cards.

Here is a timeline of some of those indictments.

Maryland lawmakers are demanding more information the alleged corruption within the Baltimore City Detention Center. A new report shows that Baltimore area drivers waste more than a day a year on the roads due to traffic congestion. A new study shows that texting while driving is just as dangerous whether you use your fingers or your voice. Plus: a report on efforts to bring healthier food options to Baltimore neighborhoods, the latest on the dispute between Baltimore and its former speed camera contractor, efforts to cut the costs of Baltimore's telephone system, and more.