Baltimore Mayoral Race

John Lee

“Welcome back.”

That’s what Theresa Jones said to Sheila Dixon, when she came across the former Mayor at the Unity Rally and March at Penn and North Sunday.

For Pugh, it's a race to primary day

Apr 25, 2016
Rachel Baye

With the primary election looming on Tuesday, this weekend was the start of a sprint to the finish line for state Senator Catherine Pugh in her bid to be the Democratic nominee for mayor.

Mayor’s Race: Mosby Drops Out, Pugh Drops In

Apr 14, 2016
John Lee / WYPR

Hours before Councilman Nick Mosby shook up the race for mayor by dropping out, the frontrunner pulled a surprise of her own.

State Senator Catherine Pugh had begged off from a debate Wednesday on WYPR’s Maryland Morning with fellow candidates Elizabeth Embry and Councilman Carl Stokes, citing a scheduling conflict. Then about 15 minutes into the program Pugh showed up, surprising the candidates and host Tom Hall.

Jonna McKone

If there’s one thing all the Democrats running to be Baltimore’s next mayor agree on, it’s universal pre-k.

The Turnaround Truck Turns Heads

Mar 17, 2016
P. Kenneth Burns

  David Warnock’s truck is getting noticed on the streets of Baltimore.  And it’s not for its current top speed of 35 miles per hour.

Dubbed by its owner as the “Turnaround Truck,” the vehicle – featured prominently in Warnock’s television ads - has become a symbol of his campaign for Baltimore mayor.  He says it became a symbol by accident.

John Lee

The two leaders in the race to be Baltimore’s next mayor are no strangers to each other. In fact, they have battled each other before for public office.

Stokes: Riots ‘Should Have’ Happened

Feb 17, 2016
P. Kenneth Burns / WYPR

Baltimore Mayoral Candidate Carl Stokes said Wednesday that long term neglect of some city neighborhoods caused the riots that erupted last April after Freddie Gray’s funeral, “as it should have.”

Mckesson Wants In To Prompt Change In Baltimore

Feb 15, 2016
P. Kenneth Burns / WYPR

Civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson said he waited for a candidate to jump into the Baltimore mayoral election with a plan and vision that he could support.  For him, none came.  So he decided to run for mayor himself; filing for his candidacy minutes before the deadline on Feb. 3.

“When I think about the traditional pathways to politics and the politicians that follow them; they haven’t led to the transformational outcomes that I think the city deserves,” he said Monday on WYPR’s Midday.

Warnock, Mosby Release Housing Plans

Feb 11, 2016
P. Kenneth Burns / WYPR


Mayoral candidates David Warnock and Councilman Nick Mosby released dueling housing plans Thursday they said they would pursue if elected to the city’s highest office.

Mosby Unveils Plan To Improve City

Jan 5, 2016
P. Kenneth Burns

City Councilman and Mayoral Candidate Nick Mosby released Tuesday his 15-point plan to improve the quality of life for Baltimore City residents and expand economic and educational opportunities.

Mosby chose a spot on the west side of downtown at Howard and Franklin streets; next to the light rail tracks. He described the area of vacant buildings, including one with a caved in roof, as a microcosm of Baltimore.

“It [represents] un-kept promises, unfulfilled potential; but a tremendous opportunity for our city,” he said