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The Baltimore County Council adopted Thursday a $2 billion budget for the next fiscal year that held the line on property taxes even though one revenue source declined.

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The fight over air conditioning in Baltimore County schools boiled over at Wednesday’s state Board of Public Works meeting.

The board voted to withhold school construction money from both the county and Baltimore City until the two jurisdictions release a plan for putting air-conditioning in every classroom by the start of the next school year.

Kamenetz, Franchot feud heating up

May 6, 2016
John Lee


Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz has shaved two years off his plans for central air conditioning in the county’s schools. But that doesn’t mean the feud between him and state Comptroller Peter Franchot is cooling off. In fact, Franchot, who wants Kamenetz to speed up the process by putting in window units, is promising to let it boil over at next week’s state Board of Public Works meeting. 

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Public universities that serve low income students have struggled for years with low graduation rates.  Historically black colleges and universities, or HBCUs, including those in Maryland, face this problem especially acutely.

Three Coppin State University students, all in their mid-twenties, sit in their student union talking about the challenges of working toward a bachelor’s degree. 

"My name is William Lessane. I am 27 years old. Technically at Coppin I’m a sophomore but right on the cusp of being a junior. I am from Baltimore City, Park Heights - West Baltimore area. To be honest with you, I’ve been in college for 10 years on and off. I’ve struggled in trying to achieve the associate’s degree. Now, I’m finding new struggles in trying to achieve the bachelor’s degree."

Impending Doom

Jan 22, 2016
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Governor Larry Hogan’s state of emergency went into effect Friday morning as Maryland prepared for a blizzard that forecasters say could dump two feet of snow, and possibly more, in the region.

"Our state is taking every precaution, coordinating all available resources, to prepare to clear roads, manage incidents, and recover from this storm," Hogan said Thursday. "We urge all Marylanders to take action now to prepare, before this severe weather strikes, with the knowledge that our state will do everything it can to respond quickly, effectively and efficiently to this major storm event." 

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Blair Rhodes owns Chauncey’s Surf Shop at 54th Street and Coastal Highway in Ocean City. There are bars to the left, right and behind him. So, he’s seen his share of close calls as people pour out of the bars and try to cross Coastal Highway’s eight lanes. "This is ground zero," Rhodes says. "So, I’m kind of seeing these men behaving badly."

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Last year, Maryland recorded the lowest number of fatal car crashes since 1948. But the number of people struck and killed by cars is showing no such decline. 


As expected, the Baltimore County Council voted Monday night to phase out the county's storm water management fee. WYPR's John Lee was there and joined Morning Edition host Matt Tacka to talk about how the county will go about getting rid of the fee.

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The Baltimore County Council is expected to vote tonight to phase out the county’s storm water management fee by July 2017. But the repeal of the so-called “rain tax” is proving to be a politically bumpy ride.

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  Some Baltimore County farmers are looking to do something besides grow the traditional corn, wheat and soybeans. They’re thinking about beer, hard cider and medical marijuana. And the Baltimore County Council is making it easier for them to do that.