Warnock Makes No Promises On Taxes

Feb 3, 2016

David Warnock
Credit John Lee

Two Democratic candidates for Baltimore City mayor have promised to cut taxes if elected. But a third candidate said Wednesday it would be irresponsible for him to do the same. Candidates Nick Mosby and Carl Stokes, both members of City Council, say they have a plan to cut taxes. But David Warnock, appearing on WYPR’s Maryland Morning, said he will make no such promise.

Warnock, a wealthy businessman, said there have not been audits of the city government in decades. He said you need to find out where you are spending money first, then you can look for ways to cut taxes.

"At the end of the day, I think it’s irresponsible to go out and promise tax cuts, when I haven’t done an independent audit of the thing that’s producing the revenues," Warnock said.

Mosby said earlier this week that if he is elected Mayor, he will reduce taxes on owner occupied properties by 15.3%. That would allow "us to make Baltimore more livable, putting the city on a level playing field with surrounding counties," he said.

Stokes says he has a goal of cutting property taxes by as much as 50 percent within eight years. He says the tax cuts would be "implemented responsibly without cutting investments in critical programs, like education."

There are 12 Democrats vying for the party’s nomination. The Primary is April 26.