Maryland Braces for Sequester Cuts

Mar 4, 2013

Credit 401(K) / Flickr via Compfight

Budget cuts known as the sequester began over the weekend (and this NBC News blog has a good explainer on the various numbers floating around).  Maryland, of course, will be hit harder than other states because of the many federal workers who live and spend their money here. Two percent of U.S. workers are employed by the federal government. For Maryland, that number is 5.6 percent.

These workers include the civilian employees at Fort Meade Army Base in Anne Arundel County (service member pay is exempt from the cuts). WBAL talked to Fort Meade's  Commander Colonel Edward Rothstein. He says that he will prioritize the base's day care center over repairs to buildings and offices. 

The Federal Aviation Administration has to cut $600 million, which would significantly slow air traffic at BWI-Thurgood Marshall Airport. The Capital Gazette reported that as of March 1, Southwest Airlines had not made any changes. Regional airports could have flights diverted to BWI. In a related piece, The Washington Post fact-checked competing claims about what the FAA will have to cut

For a national overview, the Post has a state-by-state breakdown of what will be cut from various sectors.