It’s Official: Gansler’s In

Sep 25, 2013

Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler.
Credit mdfriendofhillary via flickr

Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler made official yesterday what most folks already knew. He’s running for the Democratic nomination for governor.

He started in Rockville, near his Montgomery County home, then went on to a tavern in Ellicott City and a park in Baltimore, the first appearances in a seven day, 17 stop tour of the state to introduce himself to voters.

With Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown scoring endorsements from most of the Democratic establishment, Gansler took on the role of outsider, much as he did during his first campaign for Montgomery County State’s Attorney. He told supporters in Ellicott City he confronts “the same situation today.”

“We won those two elections and we fully plan to win this election as well,” he said.

At one point he sounded almost like a Republican as he ripped Governor Martin O’Malley’s record on taxes. “We need to stop with the incessant tax increases,” he said. “We’ve had 40 straight tax increases. Our companies are leaving the state, philanthropy’s leaving the state; people are leaving the state. There’s so much that we can do in terms of the economy.”

He demurred, however, on what taxes he would reduce or repeal as governor. Nor did he mention a lieutenant governor candidate.