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Senior News Producer and Reporter

Mary Rose is a reporter and senior news producer for 88.1 WYPR FM, a National Public Radio member station in Baltimore.  At the local news desk, she assigns stories, organizes special coverage, edits news stories, develops series and reports. She has coordinated election coverage—including the 2008 presidential election—and written for award-winning series such as "Growing up Baltimore" and "Baltimore '68: The Fire Last Time."  She has covered stories from the foreclosure crisis to the horse-racing industry, from the alarming high school dropout problem in Baltimore to a traditional college marching band gone hip-hop.  She reported on the rights American Indians have – or rather don’t have – to their ancestors’ remains in Maryland.  And with this reporting, state legislators signed a law that would change that.

She's reported from Rwanda for The International Reporting Project and won a national award for her story on the children who were born of rape during the 1994 genocide.  Before entering journalism, she worked in the social development of children and families and worked in a hospice providing support to families.

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Charles Cohen

Over the weekend, Baltimore lost a great talent - 44 year old photographer Sam Holden died while doing yard work on his father's farm in Harford County.  This biographical sketch originally aired in 2008.  It's the story of one boy's dream job: to photograph his favorite musicians and personal heroes.  His work has appeared in publications ranging from Rolling Stone to Forbes to the Baltimore City Paper.  But he started going out with his dad on photo shoots and then, uncovering his own style in the dark room.  

Mary Rose Madden / WYPR

In Rwanda, April is a time for remembrance. Beginning on April 6, 1994, and continuing for the next three months, nearly a million people were killed in a genocide.

Twenty years ago, the pro-government radio station in Rwanda, RTLM, incited, encouraged, and organized Rwanda’s Hutu ethnic group to find, hunt, and kill their Tutsi neighbors.

Mary Rose Madden / WYPR

For the second part of our series, “Rwanda’s Next Steps: A Generation Living in Genocide’s Aftermath," Mary Rose Madden looked at the Catholic Church there.

Mary Rose Madden / WYPR

This week has been one of the official mourning in Rwanda commemorating the 20th anniversary of the massacres in which 800,000 people were slaughtered in 100 days.

Mary Rose Madden / WYPR

Recently, a group of Anne Arundel County middle school girls sent nude photos of themselves to boys who distributed them; one person is believed to have posted them on an Instagram site. Yet no one was charged with a crime and it’s unclear whether school authorities disciplined anyone.

quinn.anya via flickr

In the last month, students from an Anne Arundel County middle school have used cell phones and social media to distribute nude images of their classmates, causing parents to turn a more attentive eye to their kids’ internet and cell phone use.

Several girls at an Anne Arundel County middle school have been sending close-ups of their genitalia and breasts, and few photos with full frontal nudity, to friends and boyfriends who passed them along to another boy who created an Instagram page with the photos. 

Schools in Baltimore and all around the state are closed again because of the snow. The kids, most likely, are delighted.

Mary Rose Madden / WYPR

The Columbia Mall opened its doors to the public Monday afternoon, just 48 hours after a gunman fired nine shots, killed two mall employees and then himself.