Fraser Smith

Senior News Analyst

Fraser Smith has been in the news business for over 30 years.  He began his reportorial career with the Jersey Journal, a daily New Jersey newspaper and then moved on to the Providence Journal in Providence, Rhode Island. In 1969 Fraser won a prestigious American Political Science Association Public Affairs Fellowship, which enabled him to devote a year to graduate study at Yale University.  In 1977, Fraser was hired away by The Baltimore Sun where in 1981, he moved to the newspaper's Washington bureau to focus on policy problems and their everyday effect on Marylanders.  In 1983, he became the Sun's chief political reporter.

During his career as a reporter, Fraser was the recipient of numerous journalism awards: from UPI New England in 1973, from AP New England in 1974 and 1975, from Roy W. Howard in 1975, from Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association in 1981, and from Sigma Delta Chi in 1986.  His Sun series on lead paint poisoning, which he wrote with his wife, Eileen Canzian, won first place and best of show honors in 1987 from the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association.  Between 1999 and 2003, he has served as an editorial writer and columnist for the Sun.

Ways To Connect

One of the central points of Governor Larry Hogan's gubernatorial campaign was repealing the stormwater utility fee.  But in his first General Assembly session, the stormwater utility fee bill - or "rain tax" as critics call it - only got stronger.  Fraser Smith and The Daily Record's Bryan Sears discuss the regulations that were added to the bill and the finances behind stormwater runoff treatments.

Earlier in the session, the state budget was a sign of bi-partisanship between the Republican Governor and the Democratic assembly.  But now? Fraser Smith and Andy Green, editorial page editor for The Baltimore Sun, discuss how the budget is being held hostage until the governor gets what he wants - while the General Assembly tries to push back. 

Tom Chalkley

Finally, we get to know who governs Maryland: Is it the governor riding high in the saddle? Or is it the wary and defensive legislature?

USA the Right Way

Apr 8, 2015
Fraser Smith

The new, immigrant blood that has always made this country stronger flows with undiminished power at Maryland's citizenship center in southwest Baltimore.  Fraser Smith reports.  

Fraser Smith and YPR's Christopher Connelly discuss where the paid sick leave bill is in the 2015 General Assembly and why it won't pass this year as well as bills related to equitable pay and scheduling. 

Fraser Smith talks to YPR's statehouse correspondent, Christopher Connelly, about Governor Larry Hogan's intentions to take on the heroin epidemic across the state. Has this General Assembly Session made any progress on the public health issue? 

Tom Chalkley

He’s in. Start saving your old campaign buttons, so you can I knew him when.

IMP: O'Malley's Run For The White House

Apr 1, 2015

Any remaining mystery about former governor Martin O’Malley’s presidential run should be cast aside. The man is running – and having the field all to himself. The presumed frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, has done next to nothing – beyond the famous email stumble. On national television last weekend, O’Malley said the presidency is not a crown for the next Clinton/Bush candidate.  WYPR’s senior news analyst Fraser Smith kicks it around with Todd Eberly, commentator and political scientist at St. Mary’s College.

Fraser Smith talks to Erica Green, Education Reporter for The Baltimore Sun about the 46 million dollars in additional pay Baltimore City Schools gave its employees last year.  Will North Avenue try re-negotiate employee contracts?  Will this effect Governor Hogan's city school budget plans?

Tom Chalkley

Remember when cooperation between political leaders was almost routine? Can’t remember back that far? Neither can I.