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Christopher Connelly is a political reporter for WYPR, covering the day-to-day movement and machinations in Annapolis. He comes to WYPR from NPR, where he was a Joan B. Kroc Fellow, produced for weekend All Things Considered and worked as a rundown editor for All Things Considered. Chris has a master’s degree in journalism from UC Berkeley. He’s reported for KALW (San Francisco), KUSP (Santa Cruz, Calif.) and KJZZ (Phoenix), and worked at StoryCorps in Brooklyn, N.Y. He’s filed stories on a range of topics, from a shortage of dog blood in canine blood banks to heroin addicts in Tanzania. He got his start in public radio at WYSO in Yellow Springs, Ohio, when he was a student at Antioch College.

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Despite the partisan budget stalemate that dominated headlines as the Maryland General Assembly session came to a close last week, lawmakers in Annapolis have been slowly moving in a new direction on drug policy and drawing support from both sides of the aisle.

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Gov. Larry Hogan started signing some of the hundreds of bills passed by the General Assembly over the 90 day session on Tuesday, and it was a packed house where everyone was on their best behavior.

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  Maryland’s General Assembly went out of business for another year on Monday, ending a session that many hoped would signal the dawn of a new bipartisan era in a party line budget settlement.  Gov. Larry Hogan praised the legislature for its bipartisan work, but said he probably wouldn’t spend money Democrats set aside for public education, state worker pay and Medicaid and other safety net programs.

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Lawmakers in Annapolis are counting down to the last day of the legislative session on Monday. WYPR's Christopher Connelly joined host Matt Tacka to talk through what's happening at the end of the last full week.

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A budget showdown has been simmering in Annapolis, and with just a few days left before the end of the session, tensions are peaking. House Speaker Mike Busch and Gov. Larry Hogan had tough words for each other Thursday as the two leaders insist on preserving their priorities in the budget.

Busch drew a line in the sand, saying he won’t move forward on the governor’s budget priorities until he gets some assurances on priorities that House lawmakers have expressed.

Fraser Smith and YPR's Christopher Connelly discuss where the paid sick leave bill is in the 2015 General Assembly and why it won't pass this year as well as bills related to equitable pay and scheduling. 

Fraser Smith talks to YPR's statehouse correspondent, Christopher Connelly, about Governor Larry Hogan's intentions to take on the heroin epidemic across the state. Has this General Assembly Session made any progress on the public health issue? 

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It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for a look back at the week in Annapolis. This week, WYPR News Director Joel McCord talks with state house reporter Christopher Connelly about legal and budget machinations.

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  Gov. Larry Hogan put forward an update to his earlier budget proposal Thursday that includes money for tax cuts and leaves out about $70 million dollars the House and Senate want to give to public schools. He drew fire from teachers unions but a member of his administration said the governor was emphasizing that items on his agenda needed to be part of the budget process.

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Indiana is drawing fire over a religious freedom law that critics say protects people who want to discriminate based on religious principles, particularly against gays and lesbians. Sparks flew in Annapolis on Wednesday over how Maryland should respond.