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The State Board of Public Works put the heat on Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz Wednesday, voting to allow state school construction money to be used to pay for portable air conditioning units.

It was the latest volley in the political battle between Kamenetz and State Comptroller Peter Franchot.

Going Anywhere Yet?

Jan 25, 2016


  Now that the snow has stopped and the sun is shining, inquiring minds want to know just when the roads will be open.

Gov. Larry Hogan has said the main roads are open, but asked for patience while state crews go to work on secondary roads. And he’s said it may be a week until things get back to normal. In Baltimore City, officials are making no promises.

But Baltimore County has set an ambitious goal of getting it done by Monday night, even though the county public works director isn’t so sure that will happen.

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Baltimore Police

A judge has rejected prosecutors' request to force a Baltimore police officer to testify against three of his colleagues facing charges in connection with Freddie Gray's death.

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    The House of Delegates voted Wednesday to override three of Republican Governor Larry Hogan’s vetoes from the last General Assembly session. Two of those votes came by wide margins, but one was a close call in the overwhelmingly Democratic chamber.

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  Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced Tuesday that the city has picked Taser International to provide police body cameras and cloud storage services.

The choice comes after a two-month pilot program in which police tested cameras from three vendors that had submitted technical bids. The model chosen - the Taser Axon body camera - was tested in the Western District.

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Among some teachers in Baltimore County, Superintendent Dallas Dance has a reputation of being part-Ninja. Amy Vaillancourt, who teaches at Carroll Manor Elementary School says he may show up in your class one day, and you won’t see him coming. "The first year he was in the county, I was in the middle of a lesson," Vaillancourt says. "I looked up and there he was. I was like 'Oh, my goodness.'"

Lawmakers recommend police accountability reforms

Jan 12, 2016
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Maryland lawmakers recommended on Monday nearly two dozen changes to state law aimed at holding police accountable to the public.

Officials say they hope the actions would improve law enforcement’s relationship with the communities they serve—if the recommendations become legislation and pass during the legislative session that begins this week.

The bipartisan group recommended several changes to police officers’ internal disciplinary process.

Porter and Goodson: Baltimore Police; Courthouse East: P. Kenneth Burns/WYPR

The Court of Special Appeals – Maryland’s second highest court – halted Monday morning the trial of police Officer Caesar Goodson; the second of six officers accused in the death of Freddie Gray.  Circuit Judge Barry Williams announced the order in court before jury selection was to begin in Goodson’s trial. 

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For students like Clarksburg High School senior Angie Nseliema, standardized tests mean a disruption of the normal school routine.

On the first day of state-mandated exams, she missed all her classes for the first half of the day and had substitute teachers the rest of the day.