If you look at East Monument Street between Bradford and Montford, you can’t tell that there was a sinkhole here last year. 

Going down 40 feet deep, that is not for the faint of heart at all.

   But Kim Burgess, of the city’s public works department, remembers the details well, right down to the call on June 25th. Burgess, who runs the department’s surface water management division, says officials suspected that a 10-foot storm drain pipe buried 40 feet below the surface was the culprit.  There was just one problem. 

Baltimore Department of Public Works

A storm water fee for Baltimore City homeowners could cost up to $144 a year, bringing in $12 million next year to upgrade the city’s crumbling storm drain system.  

The condition of the beleaguered Chesapeake Bay is improving, if only modestly, according to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. But there are signs of hope. The advocacy group released its State of the Bay report today and WYPR's Joel McCord was there.