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Opponents of a proposed natural gas export facility in Southern Maryland are claiming a win in a Monday court ruling that may delay the project. But the company behind the $3.8 billion retrofit says that they don’t foresee any delays caused by the ruling.

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Annapolis and Baltimore are at the top of a federal list of U.S. cities being flooded more frequently--not just during big storms, but during regular high tides as well.

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Baltimore City and County are fighting a common enemy these days: trash.  Both are finding ways to keep their foe out of the streams and rivers that flow through the two jurisdictions and into the Chesapeake Bay.

In the county, a series of booms guide those potato chip bags and fast food wrappers that wash into the Back River from Herring Run to the shoreline off Diamond Point Road in Essex. The booms, installed four years ago, are one piece of the anti-trash strategy.

Even though a liquefied natural gas export facility at Cove Point is one step closer to being built, the controversy is far from settled. WYPR's Senior News Analyst Fraser Smith talks about it with News Director Joel McCord.

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After Governor O'Malley's last signing ceremony yesterday, the fate of just one bill was left undecided: a bill that would delay the construction of 25 towering wind turbines on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Today, O'Malley vetoed the bill - which allows the project to move forward as planned. WYPR Senior News Analyst Fraser Smith sat down with state house reporter Christopher Connelly to discuss the decision.

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While Maryland is trying to get its offshore wind program off the ground, the US Department of Energy announced grants last week for offshore wind projects in New Jersey, Oregon, and Virginia.

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Federal geologists once warned that the silt trapped behind Conowingo dam was “a time bomb,” threatening to choke the life out of Chesapeake Bay. The mass of muck piled up behind the dam over the years is enough to fill M&T Bank Stadium 80 times over. And a major storm could hurl tons of it through the flood gates down river and into the bay, destroying grass beds and suffocating oyster bars.

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Karen Hosler talk about the Supreme Court's recent decision upholding EPA rules on cross-state pollution and why this is good news for Maryland.

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Erin Cox of the Baltimore Sun talk about how the controversy over a proposed wind farm in Somerset County is giving Governor O'Malley a difficult decision to make.

Maryland Farmers Struggling Through The Winter

Mar 10, 2014
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This winter has been a matter of life or death on the Woolsey farm in Churchville. Cindi Umbarger and her husband Worley raise lamb and cattle.